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Getting to know our facilities

Career Center (Renovated in April 2021)

The Career Center, renovated in April 2021, is located on the first floor of the Kaede building. The center provides comprehensive support for job hunting even in our “the new normal,” that also includes online interviewing.

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Five private booths for holding online interviews, including one barrier-free option.

The main concerns that students have about online job hunting are usually the reliability of their Internet connection and the reality of having classes in person, but having interviews online. To help them adjust to this new normal, we offer students a dedicated place where they can focus on information sessions and company interviews. Additionally, one of the five private booths in this facility is barrier-free, a first of its kind in Japan. This facility allows all students to continue their job hunting completely stress-free.

Laptop Workspaces

All of the semi-circular desks are socially distanced and equipped with power outlets, wireless LAN, and LAN connection ports. Another great benefit of the space, is that the Career Center staff are on hand to answer questions while you’re working.

Multi-function Printer with Scanner

Our equipment can handle a variety of application formats, including data conversion, A3, and double-sided printing.

A computer station with access to the Tokyo Commerce and Industry Research databases.

You can search for major companies, as well as hidden blue-chip companies that are not listed in the Quarterly Report. You can also find out more about things like clients, and sales to help you in your job search.

Career and Employment Support

Coping with the age of Artificial Intelligence and the ICT environment

In the first year of the program, students will be required to use PCs in all aspects of their lives, including lecture notes, report writing, presentations, group work, and writing papers. From the 2020 academic year, data science education will begin in all faculties, and students will be able to learn practical IT skills and knowledge to cope with the advanced information society, regardless of their faculty affiliation.

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Remoter Library Access

You can access the on-campus library system from home, plus search and browse through available information such as newspapers, business journals, economic data and article databases.

CALL Classrooms (Computer-assisted Language Learning)

The CALL system is used for shadowing and simultaneous interpretation practice. Classrooms are also equipped with software that allows students having trouble with English to check their pronunciation.

Personal Computers Making a Huge Difference

While enrolled, students can install Microsoft Office 365 free of charge on their own computers. In addition to university-issued Gmail accounts, students also have full access to of various services provided Google for Education such as Google Drive and Google Classroom.
*From 2021, all faculty members at Reitaku University are required to carry a laptop computer.

Support for Data Processing Certifications

Evaluate your skills your improved your career options with on-campus exams for data processing qualifications such as the P-Test (ICT Proficiency Test) and MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist). We also offer several classes to prepare students for national exams like IT Passport and the Basic Information Processing Engineer Examination.

Campus Tech Equipment

Campus-wide wireless LAN
6 computer classrooms with 290 computers, 9 printers
CALL classrooms: 53 computers, 3 printers
Self-study Corner: 34 computers, 1 printer
Printing Corner: 8 computers, 4 printers
Media Zone: 9 computers, 1 printer
Projectors, monitors, and audio equipment are available in all classrooms.


About Our Barrier-free Access

Multiple restrooms
Accessible elevator buttons
Automatic doors
Wireless chimes (for heavy, non-automatic elevator doors
Priority access computer stations
Power-chair accessible desks
Power-chair charging stations
Permanent accessibility ramps
Portable accessibility ramps
Braille blocks (tactile paving) and stickers for the visually impaired
Priority parking spaces
Emergency rescue soft stretcher with Life Belt
Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

Learning Commons


The iFloor is a multi-functional, self-learning space for foreign languages (with a particular focus on English) located on the second floor of the Asunaro school building.
The floor is divided into seven different areas by activity like the iLounge where students can improve their language skills through casual conversations with international faculty and international students. Additionally, the Writing Center is where students can receive one-on-one (or small-group) English writing instruction from international faculty, improving their language skills at their own pace.
Student staff is on hand to support communication and activities in the space which has become indispensable, allowing seniors (or senpai) to pass the baton to juniors (or kohai).

See the “iFloor”

Group Study Room

The Group Study Room is a study space located on the third floor of the library and can be used by groups of students according to their needs such as: Discussing and preparing assignments, practicing group presentations, or using laptops and calculators without worrying about the noise. It is a group learning space that caters to all of the student needs.
The capacity is as follows:
Group Study Room A: 16 students
Group Study Room B/C: 12 students
Group Study Room F: 8 students

Reitaku Active Learning Support Commons(ALSC)

The first floor houses the Active Learning Classroom, a highly flexible space that can be used for self study. The lounge on the on the second floor, where the practical labs are located, tis a natural communication space where many people gather. The goal of the space is to create an attractive atmosphere where faculty, staff, and students can learn together.