The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

The Faculty teaches students how to apply specialized knowledge in economics and management to the real world in ways that have a practical relevance to business. In the process, students gain the language skills essential for success in business negotiations, as well as the moral and rational qualities that promote beneficial coexistence with other cultures, thereby not only expanding their knowledge but also growing as individuals.

◆The Department of Economics offers the following two majors:
The Economics Major focuses on 'the basic laws of the functions of society', and so prepares students to survive in a complex society by understanding the foundations of economics.
The Tourism and Regional Development Course treats tourism as an economic activity from a variety of perspectives and evaluates various methods for regional revitalization, offering a wide range of workshops that tackle real-life issues by utilizing deep insights into economics.

◆The hands-on, self-paced, practice-based classes offered by the Department of Business Administration are designed to foster practical management abilities and human relationship skills in students. The Department offers three majors.
The core of the AI Business Major is AI + Business + Accounting Finance. Here, students learn how to apply AI technology to the worlds of business and finance, and work to develop their own resourcefulness when solving business problems.
The Sports Business Major teaches students the theories, techniques, and know-how necessary to make a successful career in sports business, and equips them with the management and human resource skills that will allow them to contribute to local and global society in this field.