The Faculty of Foreign Studies

The purpose of the Faculty is to equip students with a command of various languages as communication tools, and thereby deepen their understanding of the people and cultures of the world. In pursuing this goal, students will learn communication skills, history, society, and values of a region while learning multiple languages. The following four majors are offered:

◆The English Communication major seeks to cultivate skills essential to advanced linguistic competence, including techniques to collect, organize, integrate, and output information.
◆The English and Liberal Arts major places world cultures at the center of its programs, and cultivates the three skill areas of the English language, presentation and logic.
◆The German Language and Culture major nurtures students who are beginners in the field to graduate after four years as global citizens fluent in multiple languages, including German.
◆The Chinese and Global Communication Course prepares students for successful entry into today's business world with a mastery not only of English but also of Chinese.