International Exchange

International Exchange Programs

Reitaku University provides excellent opportunities for cross-cultural experiences and learning in foreign countries as well as on campus. We have study abroad programs with 43 universities in 15 countries and regions. More than 100 international students join degree programs every academic year. We also receive quite a few international exchange programs students from affiliated universities. We have a one-year intensive Japanese Language Program for international learners of the Japanese language and only English Course. Many of these international students reside with Japanese students in the 'Global Dormitory' on campus.

International Exchange Center

The International Exchange Center takes great care of incoming international students with their visa issues, student life, and cross cultural experiences both on campus and in the local community. The Center also assists Japanese students who are planning to study abroad.

Conversation Partnership

Conversation Partnership is the student support team whose aim is to deepen friendship between international and Japanese students. The members help you deal with daily life in Japan and if necessary, they will introduce a tutor for your studies and Japanese conversation practice at no charge. Conversation Partnership also holds various annual events and parties for students from abroad. Once you join it, we are sure you will enjoy it.