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President’s Message

Osamu Nakayama President, Reitaku University

Today Japan is facing a number of major potentially catastrophic crises― socio-economic, environmental, moral, political and educational. In addition to these crises, accelerated as they are by widening globalization, developing IT and increasing borderlessness, Japanese universities in this twenty-first century are also beset by numerous unprecedented problems as well as rapid social changes―a series of phenomena quite outside our experience. Reitaku University, which aims at the creation of wisdom and high moral education for the sustainable future, is no exception in this respect. Our task at Reitaku University, therefore, is to face these global problems squarely, seeking to solve and conquer them by nurturing virtuous people with high levels of learning and good character. In order to accomplish this, it is vital for us to inherit the intellectual, cultural, moral and ethical systems built up through the earnest endeavours of our respectable predecessors, at the same time conveying them to the rising generations by improving, beautifying and developing them. We should always remember that when we step forward into the future, it is in the past that we can discover the light illuminating our steps―as St. Augustine aptly says: “Novum in vetere latest: vetus in novo patet.” (Only in the New does the Old unfold: And hidden in the Old lies the New.) The tenets of Reitaku University, founded by the eminent scholar and educator Dr. Chikuro Hiroike, are based on his philosophy that education should provide students not only with knowledge but also with a high level of integrity and moral character. Since its foundation in 1959, Reitaku University has provided students with education of such high quality in the liberal arts and made greats efforts to offer them a wealth of moral and educational experience. Reitaku University also enjoys a well-earned reputation for its language education. In 2005, the educational project of our Faculty of Foreign Studies―“Education through English as an International Common Language”―has been adopted as part of the Contemporary Education Needs Support Project (“Gendai GP” or Contemporary Good Practices) by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT). A language itself is, needless to say, a mere tool, not a teleology. One of the purposes of language learning is to develop our global literacy and communication abilities, which in turn allow us to deepen our understanding of and respect for not only the various cultures of the world but also our own cultural identity. It is my firm belief that Reitaku University will continue to aim at the nurture of people who, having acquired global literacy, can exercise both intellectual and moral leadership in international society, and produce people of intellectual creativity, originality of mind and endowed with what we call the Reitaku frontier spirit. This educational philosophy of Dr. Hiroike is also actively realized in Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. Its educational aim is to nurture “Global Servants” who can contribute to society from a global and altruistic point of view. Again, looking at present-day social conditions, it has been observed both at home and abroad that the alarming degeneration of political and business ethics is affecting the vital fabric of society. We at Reitaku have been promoting research into business ethics, compliance and risk management and in 2001 established the Reitaku University Business Ethics and Compliance Research Center (R-bec). This produces and distributes information necessary for the promotion of ethical business practices through the conduct of comprehensive and interdisciplinary research and analysis. We are proud to note that some of our professors, in the process of establishing ethical-legal compliance management and internal control systems, are actually supporting corporations and other organizations throughout the country. In order to cope with the complex problems referred to above, a paradigm shift is indispensable in the conventional systems of learning and education, which constantly need improvement and innovation. As a highlight of our fiftieth anniversary, Reitaku University is now processing drastic improvements in its educational system in the form of reorganizing both colleges. As Shakespeare says, we should “strive to do better” in order to become a more attractive 21st-century university, inspired by Reitaku’s unique traditions and founding spirit. Fortunately, our University is blessed with many devoted teachers fired by the benevolent energy and enthusiasm of this dynamic Reitaku spirit, and who have been recognized internationally for their academic achievements in many fields. The administrative staff are also dedicated and willing to help students fully utilize and enjoy significant campus lives. Their combined support ensures that our students can obtain a rich and rewarding comprehensive educational experience. I sincerely hope that all of our students will activate and discover the full potential of life at Reitaku and that they will thereby become leading citizens able and eager to contribute to the peace, happiness and prosperity of people throughout the world. Osamu Nakayama, President of Reitaku University