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Student Services

Health Care

1) When you are ill.

We understand that it is very difficult to study in a foreign country. The Reitaku University Health Support Center is available for all the students. When you are ill, please do not hesitate to contact the Health Support Center. If you have language difficulties, the staff of IEC will help you as an interpreter.

2) Health Examination

Every year, the Health Support Center conducts a health examination for students of graduate and undergraduate schools, and students of the JPN Language Course according to the law in Japan. All of them must take it. We cannot issue the health examination certificate if you do not take a health examination. The health examination certificate is necessary for university entrance, getting a job and participating in a study abroad program and so on.

3) Health Certificate (available on applying for a job)

Health Certificate which you need on applying for a job can be issued by the automatic vending machine. If you have any inquiry, feel free to go to the Health Support Center.

4) Medical Certificate

If you need a medical certificate of the health examination, please apply to the Health Support Center. Seven days are necessary to issue the certificate. ■ JAPANESE Certificate … ¥500 ■ ENGLISH Certificate … ¥700 If additional checkups are necessary according to the certificate, extra fees will be charged.

5) When you enter a hospital

When you enter a hospital, please contact RIEC (phone 04-7173-3690) or the Health Support Center (phone 04-7173-3541).

6) National Health Insurance

International students are required to insure themselves with the National Health Insurance, which covers 70% of expenses. The premium in Kashiwa was \14,700 in 2010.

7) How to Use the Health Support Center

【Office Hours】 Mon. ~ Fri. 8:30 a.m. ~ 12:30 p.m. , 1:30 p.m. ~ 5:30 p.m. Nurses listen to you and help you. 【Hours the Doctor is available】 Mon. : 2:00 p.m. ~ 4:30 p.m. Wed and Thu. : 9:00 a.m. ~ 12:15 p.m. Fri. : 2:00 p.m. ~ 5:00 p.m. 【Phone】 04-7173-3541 They receive you all the time during the days and hours above. If you wish to avoid waiting for a long time however, we recommend that you visit the center after calling them and ask them if there are many patients.

Student Counseling Center

Student Counseling Center (Gakusei-Sodan Center)

The Student Counseling Center helps you promote your adaptation to university life and personal development. Apart from counseling, educational activities such as lunch meetings, group seminars, and workshops are held. Visits can also be made simply for relaxation purposes. We also support students with mental and/or developmental challenges.


Qualified counselors and a psychiatrist can attend to student needs and offer advice. We are available for consultation on a wide variety of issues and concerns. Counselors and the psychiatrist always respect student privacy and any consultation is totally confidential, unless the student explicitly allows information to be shared. Students also retain the right to anonymity. The only exception to such confidentiality is when the counselor deems the student to be a serious danger either to him/herself, or to others, or when some kind of illegal activity is involved. Counselors can communicate face-to-face, by phone, or by mail. The length of a counseling session is normally 50 minutes which is offered free of charge. Reservations can be made at the center, by telephone or by e-mail. Counseling is also available without reservation.

N.B. Counseling can be provided in English, or in other languages with the help of Reitaku staff if interpreting is required.

Other Services

Rest Station for Relaxation: There is a lounge in the Student Counseling Center, which is divided into two sections: one for group use and the other private use. There are some books, MANGA (Japanese comic books) and games available.
Luncheons: Lunch meetings are held during the term with the counselors from 12:10 pm to 1:00 pm once or twice a week. Seasonal events are also held.
Seminars&Workshops: Seminars on communication skills, stress management, relaxation, self-understanding, etc. are held regularly. Students’ requests and suggestions are always welcome.
Psychological Tests: Psychological tests are available to explore your communication tendencies or personality, free of charge.
Book Rental: Books can be borrowed (except MANGA) from the Student Counseling Center.
Counseling for Family Members and Guarantors: Counselors are also willing to talk with family members or guarantors of students about their student life.

How to use

LOCATION: 1st floor of ASUNARO
OFFICE HOURS: weekdays 9:00 to 17:30 (But appointments can be made between 9:00 and 16:30)
TEL: 04-7173-3653
E-MAIL: gakuso@reitaku-u.ac.jp(for application use only)