The Faculty of Global Studies

The Faculty has two departments; Global Studies, and Global Business. Both offer the opportunity to study a variety of academic subjects spanning the humanities and social sciences under the umbrella concept of 'Linking Diversity', giving students scope to engage with world events and use English as a tool to explore new styles of learning and new ways of understanding.

◆The Department of Global Studies offers two majors; Japanese Studies, and International Communication. The focus in both of these majors is "diversity and different values in the real world." Japanese and international students study relevant topics side-by-side, the foundations of their joint endeavors being the three pillars of "discovering Japanese language and culture," "communicating information in English and Japanese," and "promoting multicultural coexistence". In cooperation with the Department of International Exchange and International Cooperation and guided by the motto "Think and Act," students can also take the lead in planning projects that aim to solve global issues such as environmental degradation and poverty. They then implement such projects in various parts of the world to deepen their learning.

◆The Department of Global Business offer students specialized classes in English on topics related to management and economics. These will provide them with "the ability to discuss global business in English" with a view to spending time abroad as a full-time student studying economics at an overseas university.