Dormitory Life at Reitaku University

1) Our Vision and Dormitory Rules

Residence Hall at Reitaku University is designed in accordance with our educational vision―to create an environment of wisdom and high moral education for the sustainable future―and therefore it is a principal facility of our educational system. Residents are, therefore, required to enhance their humanistic self-awareness and to cultivate community life in person-to-person interactions. They are also encouraged to cooperate actively in the running of the dormitory so as to hone their skills in governance and the promotion of harmony, leading to rich self-growth.

The residents are requested to observe dormitory rules such as curfew, and to ensure that everything is kept clean and tidy through self-governance with leaders elected from among residents. All residents are encouraged to join events such as dorm-life orientations, unit meetings, and the cleaning of public areas.

2) Residence Facilities

≪Residence A≫

Private Room A desk with bookshelf, a chair, a bed with mattress, a closet, an air conditioner, light fixtures, wireless LAN, window curtains, an indoor laundry pole, a trash can
(common area)
a refrigerator, IH cooking stoves, a microwave, a cupboard, a trash can, a dinning set, a low table, sofas, a TV, an air conditioner, balcony, toilets, a washstand, shower rooms, laundry machines, tumble dryers, a shoe shelf
(common area)
A meeting room, a study room, a storage unit, a bathroom
Residential building A multipurpose hall, A tatami room, a first-aid office, vending machines, AED, a bike-parking lot

* Wireless LAN is available in their private rooms for a Charge via sun-net (Japanese Wi-Fi company) at their request.

3) Key features of dormitory life

The dormitory has self-governance as its policy and students live there observing its rules under unit leaders selected from among residents. All residents are requested to follow the conditions below, since they are designed to help ensure a pleasant, enjoyable life for everyone.


In the kitchen spaces there are household appliances including IH cooking stoves that are free for residents to use for everyday cooking. Some additional cooking equipment may need to be purchased personally. The student cafeteria "Hiiragi" (meaning Holly tree) is open for residents, too.
Smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol are not permitted in the residence buildings.


When going out or staying out, please tell your floor/unit leaders where you are going and the estimated time of return, and also, when staying out, please submit a notice (using the designated form) to the Dormitory Office.

The doors to all the dormitories are locked at 12.00 a.m. (midnight). Please make sure that you are back in your residence before this time. The doors are opened at 6.00 a.m.


You cannot have non-residents stay in the dormitory.
No person of the opposite sex is allowed to enter any dormitory.
When inviting family members, please report this to the Dormitory Office which will issue an "entry permit to the dormitory".

Cleaning activity

The common areas such as kitchen, laundry, toilets and shower rooms have to be cleaned by the residents themselves, so please join these activities with your floor leader and your unit leader.

In cases where residents cause damage to / lose the dormitory's property or facilities, intentionally or otherwise, that person must pay the corresponding maintenance fee whatever it is. So please use the facilities carefully.

The dormitories are closed during the holiday seasons between semesters, however, you may be allowed to continue to stay in your residence upon request.

A Guidebook for Dormitory Life

More conditions are listed in this book which will be provided on your arrival. We expect all residents to read it so that they do not violate the rules which may result in them being asked to move out.

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