Grasp your own future

Full custom-made career support is offered to each student.
Students can choose their own counsellor.
As each student will be spoken to by a selected member of staff, we have gained the uttermost trust from the students.
The first step in job hunting is understanding yourself.
Once a relationship of trust has been established, individual guidance is repeated to understand the
student’s personality and to help match them with their desired employer.
This helps minimize any misconceptions between the student and the desired employer.
In addition, by our staff making visits to more than 500 companies a year, they are able to discover
unknown blue-chip companies.
We strive to introduce the most suitable companies to as many students as possible.

  • 1st Year

    Reitaku Spirit and Career

    Reitaku University’s unique educational philosophy and view of employment

  • 2nd Year

    Global Career Research

    Research on global companies

3rd and 4th Year

  • Introduction to Career Development

    Thinking about your future career

  • Written Exam Preparation Course

    Learn about the trends and
    strategies for the written exam

  • Career Studies

    Learn from the stories of
    various companies

  • practice with a professional instructor

    practice with a professional instructor

  • On-campus joint company seminars

    Introduction of companies carefully
    selected by the Career Center

  • Geting a job offer from a desired company or industry!