Popular Shops and Spots around the Campus

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Popular stores and spots around campus

Popular stores and spots around Minami Kashiwa. Check these spots out

From restaurants to trendy cafes, here are some of the most popular and fun places for students.

Reitaku University’s top picks

  • 1) Tenfuji

    1) Tenfuji

    This tempura restaurant is located near the University, and offers a wide variety of fried tempura served with Tensuyu dipping sauce and served in a bowl steaming white rice, topped with an amazingly tasty sweet sauce. You can visit every day and never get bored of the flavors.

  • 2) Chuuka Saikan

    2) Chuuka Saikan

    This is a favorite restaurant for students of the University, where you can eat a full meal of authentic Chinese food at a reasonable price.

  • 3) Alice’s Bakery

    3) Alice's Bakery

    Alice’s has been in operation for over 30 years in Minami Kashiwa. Their bread has a soft, simple flavor and comes in many varieties. The chili dogs and Oyako sandwiches are also popular among the male students. There’s a 5% discount on Wednesdays and a 20% daily discount from 5:00 pm for students. International students also frequent the bakery and the staff can advise them of certain ingredients they can or can’t eat.

  • 4) Opera House

    4) Opera House

    A natural cake store that is particular about its ingredients, such as using fresh, locally produced eggs. The carefully crafted pastries are popular among the locals, and customers are always lining up early in the morning. It is famous for its various types of rolls and cream puffs filled with custard cream.

  • 5) Raja

    5) Raja

    This reasonably priced curry house is a short walk from Minami Kashiwa Station and features authentic chefs, great customer service, and is famous for its enormous, crispy, chewy naan bread. (During lunch time, you can even get second helpings of naan!)

  • 6) Curry Shop Bombay

    6) Curry Shop Bombay

    This restaurant follows in the footsteps of “Kashiwa Bombay,” a very popular restaurant near Kashiwa Station that has been around for almost half a century. Curry Shop Bombay offers catering services, mobile ordering, and you’ll love the three-day aged authentic curry, all right on campus.

  • 7) Everest Paradise

    7) Everest Paradise

    This is a relatively new restaurant in the fiercely competitive Kashiwa curry district, well known for its delicious naan. The cheese naan here is so popular you can eat as many pieces as you want, even without curry. Their authentic flavors are available in a variety of spice levels, even ones for small children, making it a family-friendly restaurant.

  • 8) Reitaku Café

    8) Reitaku Café

    Reasonably priced, creative Asian cuisine. Not only does it serve rice bowls, noodles, and stone-pot dishes for lunch, it also offers a wide variety of drinks and snacks at night, and is always crowded with students. The “Reitaku Curry” is steadfast crowd favorite.

  • 9) Mizushiro Orchard

    9) Mizushiro Orchard

    The Orchard is spread out over a vast area, with barbecue facilities adjacent to it, making it a popular spot for seminar and circle gatherings.

  • 10) Menkichi

    10) Menkichi

    The trick to eating this mild, soy-sauce based pork-bone ramen (with garlic oil on top) is to mix it well. The chashu pork is tender, and the crispy bean sprouts go perfectly with the tasty, yellow ramen noodles.

  • 11) Young Bowl

    11) Young Bowl

    This is the top amusement destination in Minami Kashiwa with 48 bowling lanes, 10 billiard tables, a ping-pong table, and a game corner. It’s a great place to hang out with friends after class or throw a party.

  • 12) Dontei

    12) Menkichi

    A shabu-shabu restaurant to definitely treat yourself. The all-you-can-eat option is a great deal, and the seats are spacious so you can enjoy a nice, leisurely meal.

  • 13) Aeon Mall Kashiwa

    13) Aeon Mall Kashiwa

    A large shopping center located along Route 6. From groceries and clothing to sundries, you’ll enjoy both shopping and dining here.