Career by the number

Employment support results in data

※Results for fiscal year 2020

  • Utilization rate of the
    Career Center

    Students feel free to drop in at the Career Center.
    The career counsellors understand each student’s personality, which enables them to provide detailed guidance.

  • Number of students at the Career Center

    Many of our career counselors have worked in the corporate world and provide thorough support for job-hunting activities. They provide guidance based on their thorough knowledge of the “real intentions” of the employers.

  • Number of companies visited by the Career Center

    Our career counselors are constantly visiting companies to experience the actual circumstances and the “true image” of the company, which cannot be seen from job applications or recruitment websites, and to build a strong relationship with the companies.
    ※Including online interviews and phone interviews

Approaching students and understanding their personalities

  • Rate of employment decisions
    for job applicants.

  • Number and rate of
    interview conducted
    with all students.

  • Number of career

They find out what kind of student would be a good fit for the company, get to know the students and gain an understanding of their hidden personalities.

Building rich and close relationships with companies

  • About 917 companies were visited
    annually by the center as a whole.

  • 180 companies participated
    in on campus
    joint corporate seminars.

  • There were more than
    20 job offers per student.

We are able to asses what kind of students are suitable for each company through our friendly close
relationships with them. Which leads to a match between companies and the students.