Student-centered International Activities

International Exchange and Study Abroad Programs

Student-led international activities

The stage is set to expand from iFloor to the world.
A student-led initiative to contribute to the world”

Reitaku University provides a variety of opportunities for students to experience valuable learning by going out into the world through activities on iFloor.
This includes classes and seminar activities in collaboration with local communities and companies, and off-campus activities that have been handed down by student volunteers. It is full of opportunities for students to develop their interests and become serious about their studies.

【Case1】National Workshop on the National Model United Nations

Each team is assigned a country to discuss, so students are tested not only on their English language skills, but also on their ability to write and read in order to prepare preliminary proposals, as well as their understanding of the background and culture of the country.

Students are encouraged to think about the logic of persuasion, and to always consider the consistency of their own opinions. They will also develop the ability to think about how to carry out their assigned roles to the best of their ability. By experiencing the “”world stage”” firsthand, they are able to reevaluate themselves and grow to the next stage.

National Workshop on the National Model United Nations

More than 1,000 students from over 70 universities around the world participated in the National Workshop on the Model United Nations, where they debated, negotiated, and adopted resolutions in the style of the United Nations.

【Case2】ASPIRE Reitaku

ASPIRE is a student organization established at various universities in Japan and abroad, which conducts various learning activities based on the theme of SDGs (international goals adopted by the United Nations for the period from 2016 to 2030). Since 2013, we have been active as ASPIRE REITAKU, and on the international stage, as a member of ASPIRE JAPAN, we have been engaged in international activities such as collaborative projects with ASPIRE KOREA.