The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

The Faculty teaches students how to apply specialized knowledge in economics and management to the real world in ways that have a practical relevance to business. In the process, students gain the language skills essential for success in business negotiations, as well as the moral and rational qualities that promote beneficial coexistence with other cultures, thereby not only expanding their knowledge but also growing as individuals.

  • The Department of Economics offers the following two majors:

    The Economics major focuses on ‘the basic laws of the functions of society’, and so prepares students to survive in a complex society by understanding the foundations of economics.
    The Tourism and Regional Development major treats tourism as an economic activity from a variety of perspectives and evaluates various methods for regional revitalization, offering a wide range of workshops that tackle real-life issues by utilizing deep insights into economics.

  • The hands-on, self-paced, practice-based classes offered by the Department of Business Administration are designed to foster practical management abilities and human relationship skills in students. The Department offers 3 majors.

    The core of the AI Business major is AI + Business + Accounting Finance. Here, students learn how to apply AI technology to the worlds of business and finance, and work to develop their own resourcefulness when solving business problems.
    The Sports Business major teaches students the theories, techniques, and know-how necessary to make a successful career in sports business, and equips them with the management and human resource skills that will allow them to contribute to local and global society in this field.

The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration


The department’s unique “success curriculum” fosters
businesspersons who will be sought after by society in the future.

Becoming a “businessperson” who can play an active role in any company or occupation, and who will be sought after by society in the future.In the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, we have developed a system to provide students with the necessary knowledge,experience and qualifications, step by step, from the 1st year to the 4th year, based on the assumption that this is the level that students should be at when they graduate.

Success Curriculum Learning Case Study

  • Support system to
    prepare for the arrival
  • Data Science for
    Solving Social Problems

Success Curriculum Learning Case Study2

An “Industry-government-academia collaboration” project to contribute to
the local community while learning about the needs of society in the field.

  • Sports PBLSports PBL

    In the “Sports PBL (Project-Based Learning)” class, students take the initiative in planning specific solutions to problems presented by local professional sports teams, sports manufacturers, and sports organizations. For example, in the past, we have worked with prefessional Soccer Team in Chiba “Kashiwa Reysol” on issues such as fan appreciation days and annual seat benefit goods. We are also working with the “Chiba Lotte Marines Kashiwa Supporters’ Association” to plan various events in the Eastern League. This is a stimulating class that will serve as a foundation for future activities in the sports business.

  • Fieldwork in TeganumaFieldwork in Teganuma

    Set in the “Teganuma”(a a lake/marsh that spreads across Kashiwa city and Abiko city), there is a practical learning project that has been carried out since 2012, to plan and develop measures to increase the attractiveness of the area. The students gather basic information and conduct a field survey, then based on the results of the survey, they develop a plan according to their own ideas and concrete proposals, and finally present them. The students will face the difficulties of reality by planning feasible measures for real places, and enjoy growing enormously through their struggles.

  • Business Innovation ProjectBusiness Innovation Project

    In “Business Research” and “Business Design”, which can be taken in the 2nd year, students can acquire basic skills for working members of society, as well as basic “planning” skills such as thinking, analytical methods, and expression methods for designing a business. In the 3 year, students have the opportunity to put what they have learned into practice through full-scale collaborations with companies. In addition, many of the seminars have their own corporate collaborations. Students are able to experience 4 years of intense study.

Success Curriculum Learning Case Study3

Support for “learning”, “expenses”, and “motivation”.
Thorough support for the acquisition of various qualifications.

Obtaining a qualification is not only a plus for employment and work, but the effort to obtain it fosters “perseverance”, “continuity”, “schedule management”, etc. Passing the exam will give you invaluable confidence and the ability to tackle your next goal. The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration has various systems in place to support your challenges. We offer classes to prepare students to take the examinations for about 30 specified qualifications. If you pass the examinations or achieve the required grades, we will subsidize all or half of the examination fees. Counseling, guidance by senior students, and other support services are available at all levels.

All classes can be taken at the university. “Civil Service Course” for efficient learning

Our “Civil Service Course” is affiliated with LEC Tokyo Legal Mind, a professional training college with a high track record in civil service examinations.Instructors visit our school and teach the specialized and general knowledge courses on-campus. There are 2 course patterns, one for those who want to work for city hall or prefectural government and the other for those who want to work for the police or fire department, and since the course starts in the 2nd year, students can easily gain the necessary skills to pass the civil service exam from the basics.In addition, in cooperation with the Career Center of the university, we are strengthening the preparation for the written and oral examinations.This course is available for all departments and majors.*All of the curriculums you take will be counted as credits toward graduation.*To participate in the “Civil Service Course” tuition and texbook fees apply (a special discount is offered).

<Examples of certifications>

Name of the certification Eligibility for support subject Fields certifications
can be utilized
Economics Record Ecamination (ERE Micro,Macro) Economic Practice Excercises I, II All Industry
The Official Business Skills Test in Bookkeeping, 3rd grade Bookkeeping Practive (Beginner) All Industry
The Official Business Skills Test in Bookkeeping, 2nd grade Bookkeeping Practive (Intermediate)A,B,C All Industry
Japan Statistical Society Certificate, 3rd grade Basic Statistics All Industry
Japan Statistical Society Certificate, 2nd grade Statistics All Industry
Business Administration Certificate Practical Management Exercises All Industry
QC Certificate, 3rd grade Business Management Theory All Industry
Financial Planning Certificate, 3rd grade FP Practical Exercises (Beginner) Finance
Financial Planning Certificate, 2nd grade FP Practical Exercises (Intermediate) Finance
IT Passport IT Practical Exercises IT
Basic Information Technology Engineer Examination Basic Information Practical Exercises IT
Python3 Certified Engineer Examination Programming/Machine Leaerning IT
MOS(Microsoft Office Specialist): Specialist level, Expert level Data Analysis IT
Assistant Manager Health Science/Sports, Health and Society/Sports
Business Practical Exercises A,B etc.
Sports related