The Faculty of Foreign Studies

The purpose of the Faculty is to equip students with a command of various languages as communication tools, and thereby deepen their understanding of the people and cultures of the world. In pursuing this goal, students will learn communication skills, history, society, and values of a region while learning multiple languages. The following four majors are offered:

  • The English and Communication Studies major seeks to cultivate skills essential to advanced linguistic competence, including techniques to collect, organize, integrate, and output information.

  • The English and Liberal Arts major places world cultures at the center of its programs, and cultivates the 3 skill areas of the English language, presentation and logic.

  • The German Language and Europe major nurtures students who are beginners in the field to graduate after 4 years as global citizens fluent in multiple languages, including German.

  • The Chinese and Global Communication major prepares students for successful entry into today’s business world with a mastery not only of English but also of Chinese.

The Faculty of Foreign Studies


Through daily communication in foreign languages, students can
immediately practice what they have learned. This is the “Reitaku style” of
language learning, which enables students to improve their language skills
in the shortest possible time.

“Without practice one cannot truely aquire what is learned.The Faculty of Foreign Studies will do its best to support you as you develop your 4-year study plan and set your goals.We hope you take advantage of the departmentʼs unique teaching style and the opportunities for daily interaction in the well- equipped on-campus facilities to immerse yourself in foreign languages.There are many opportunities to interact and communicate with faculty and peers, and to show off your achievements. Please make the most of the extraordinary environment, take positive action, and make learning a “true power”.


“Faculty of Foreign Studies”
“Learning to OUTPUT!” in each language.”

“This is one example of good place for output that is essential for language acquisition.
We hope you will experience the amazing feeling of being able to output what you have learned and it becomes your own.”

OUTPUT! in English

There are more than 6 English-only classes per week!

For example, in the English Communication major’s “Discussion on Culture & Society” (a.k.a. DCS) class, students contemplate issues in modern society.This class, which incorporates discussion, group work, and presentations, is conducted exclusively in English, and students can spend quality time with the international faculty. Each class will help you build up your self confidence in English and motivate you to learn more English.

“Introduction to UN Studies”, an approach to Model United Nations.

This class is specially designed for English Communication majors and English and Liberal Arts majors. Students will learn the basics of the United Nations, covering its committees, international affairs, agreements and functions. Role-play activities will be conducted to meet the needs of the students and to experience the practice of diplomatic negotiations. At the end of the semester, students will write a short position paper(policy / policy statement) and give a speech. All classes will be conducted in English to improve students’ English skills.

OUTPUT! in German

No textbooks will be used in the 1st and 2nd years. Students start learning German by “listening and speaking”.

In class, instead of textbooks, the use original teaching materials that focus on topics that are familiar to students, such as their personalities, favorite things, and family are used. The class is centered on group work, and in an easy going atmosphere, students start learning

OUTPUT! in Chinese

You will have the chance to speak in Chinese anytime, anywhere.

In the introductory & basic stage of the 1st year, you can practice more and more with Chinese students in the “Chinese-Lounge” outside of class, and create the “need” to learn Chinese by connecting with overseas Chinese speakers online.
From the 2nd year onwards, there will be Chinese only classes at least twice a week, where you have opportunities to present in Chinese, exchange opinions, and translate into Chinese, resulting in abundant output time.

Real world, practical use of languge, in front of
professionals, in the “Learning to OUTPUT!”

OUTPUT! in English

  • English Teacher TrainingEnglish Teacher Training

    With the revision of the Courses of Study, we are focusing on programs to develop “”teaching English in English”” skills, which are essential for English teachers in junior high and high schools. In addition to the general learning system for the teaching curriculum, we hold “”Teaching Symposiums”” and “”English Teaching Methodology Seminars”” by inviting graduates and practicing teachers who are active in junior high and high schools. Students can learn how to prepare for the employment examinations, how to study, how to create effective lessons, and other real-life situations and ways of being a teacher that cannot be obtained through classes alone.”

  • English Drama GroupEnglish Drama Group

    The English Drama Group has a tradition of more than 80 years. Members receive genuine instruction from their advisor, an English teacher who specializes in drama. In addition to practicing pronunciation and intonation, the group members gain the “guts” not to shy away from presentations, which helps them develop English skills that will be useful in the future.

  • 2nd Year

    Basic English teaching theories

  • 3rd Year

    Practice of specific teaching
    methods, etc.

  • 4th Year

    Practical training and learning
    to pass the teacher recruitment exam

English Learning Support Program

OUTPUT! in German

  • Internships in GermanyInternships in Germany

    Internships in Germany are available for German Language and European major. During spring or summer vacation, students can experience working for about 2 weeks in kindergartens, elementary schools, nursing homes, botanical gardens, zoos, soccer teams, etc.What is learned though this experience is grand and many of our graduates who gained confidence are now working in Germany.

  • Learn more than just the German language through the study abroad programLearn more than just the German language
    through the study abroad program

    The Department of German Language and European major encourages the study of multilingualism. By learning more than one language, students can learn to respect others with different languages and cultures. For example, a student who was also interested in the Korean language started studying at Pusan National University of Foreign Studies and studied both German and Korean there.

OUTPUT! in Chinese

  • Chinese fieldwork in ReitakuChinese fieldwork in Reitaku

    You can find out how to make use of your language skills in society through “language” and “fieldwork”. You will learn about the workplaces of foreign residents in the neighborhood and small and medium-sized companies that have technical cooperation with foreign countries, meet people from various fields, and actually work there. In the process, you will acquire the ability to look at society broadly and develop your own potential.

  • Chinese-House & C-LoungeChinese-House & C-Lounge

    In the “Chinese-House,” where you will live with Chinese and international students in a internation dormitory, you will be able to hear and speak Chinese at any time during your 1st and 2nd years. In the “Chinese- Lounge”, a Chinese-only communication space, students can naturally become familiar with the Chinese language through active interaction with faculty members and international students.These are the opptions for Chinese and Global Communication major students.

Special Programs

ANA Airline School

Special Programs

Learn the spirit of hospitality from current ANA Group

ANA Business Solutions Co., Ltd. and Reitaku University have signed an educational cooperation agreement and are offering the “ANA Airline School” on campus. In this course, students learn the basics of language, behavior, and business manners, as well as learning about working in the airline industry, through intensive lectures and practical experience at Narita Airport. This course is a meaningful learning experience for those who would like to work as “hospitality human resources” in the future, in the hotel, travel, bridal industries etc. This is a valuable opportunity to get closer to your dreams and hopes for the future.

About TOEIC®

Obtaining a high score on TOEIC, which is very useful for studying abroad and finding a job.

  • TOEIC guidance for new students

    In addition to the valuable advice from IIBC, which is the organization that conducts TOEIC, students will learn tactics on how to improve their score from senior students who have obtained high scores.

  • TOEIC examination for all students

    All students take the TOEIC test twice in the 1st year and once in the 2nd year to measure their English ability. Students analyze their scores, set goals, and move on to their next studies.

  • TOEIC Preparation Course

    Compulsory classes that include TOEIC preparation strongly encourage students to study for the TOEIC test. Intensive courses are also offered to help students improve their scores in a short period of time.

  • TOEIC Major School

    This is an independent seminar designed to help students achieve a TOEIC score of 800. Dr. Mori, the author of “TOEIC® L&R TEST English Vocabulary Dialogue 3000”, is in charge of teaching. By discussing “how to score higher” with other students who have high goals, new motivation and awareness will be develop.