Emergency Measures to Support Students in Response to the Spread of the New Coronavirus Infection

To all RU students, their parents and guardians

 To help prevent our students from leaving Reitaku University for financial reasons

 The first semester of the 2020 academic year, which had been postponed, began on May 7 as an online, remote learning experience at Reitaku University. The entire faculty and staff have worked diligently over the past few months to prepare for online classes to ensure that the quality of education is not compromised. We also have a three-week "adjustment period" from the first day of classes to deal with various issues. At the same time, while embracing the university's educational principles of "sticking to the small size" and "sticking to the international character," we are doing our best to ensure that no one, including international students still abroad, should be left behind in these dramatic changes in the learning environment.

 Following the government's decision on May 4 to extend the state of emergency due to the spread of the new coronavirus, Chiba Prefecture, where our campus is located, continues to require residents to refrain from going outdoors and take time off work, but the situation continues to be difficult and uncertain. In particular, the economic stagnation, including the financial collapse of small and medium-sized enterprises, is becoming more and more serious, and the living environment of students is changing drastically due to the decrease in the income of family who support students’ livelihoods and the decrease in the income of students due to the loss of their part-time jobs. In consideration of these circumstances, we have determined that some students are in need of urgent financial support, and based on our belief that no student should be left behind, we have prepared our own financial support measures.

Financial support measures unique to the university.

Support for students whose households experience sudden changes in their finances due to the coronavirus
    Tuition and other school fees will be reduced by up to 565,000 yen (tuition and facility fees for a half year).
      Details will be posted on the Reitaku Portal early next week.

Support for the improvement of the Internet environment
    PCs and Wi-Fi routers will be made available for students who are unable to take online courses due to 
      financial difficulties.

Deferment of tuition payment
    The deadline for payment of tuition fees has been extended until June 30.

Emergency fundraising for students affected by the spread of the new coronavirus
    We have asked our faculty, staff, alumni, and other Reitaku supporters to make a donation to help our
     students in need of urgent financial support.

    Details will be announced on the university's website.

We will continue to consider emergency measures to ensure that you will not find it difficult to continue with your studies. It is a difficult situation, but let us all work together to overcome this challenging time.