iFloor 8つの施設紹介

Comorebi Café


This modern café with glass exterior walls is the perfect place for students and faculty to relax surrounded by the changing seasonal beauty of the natural environment. Snacks and refreshments are offered and the space can be reserved for social events.

The Terrace


Weather permitting, the Terrace offers and extension to both the Presentation Terrace and Comorebi café where people can experience a closer connection to the surrounding natural beauty of the campus.

Presentation Terrace


This space, with a glass shutter opening up to include the outdoor terrace, provides students, faculty, administration, and visitors a space to present and share information and ideas. Find out about study abroad programs, student activities, faculty research, and participate in language workshops!

Collaborative Commons

Multipurpose Area


Located adjacent to the iLounge, the Collaborative Commons is a flexible community space where students can meet, socialize, study, and work together in a vibrant atmosphere. There are 5 monitors located throughout the iFloor which provide information about daily/weekly events on the iFloor and also stream international news and sporting events in English to keep everyone connected with what’s happening locally and globally. ー

Project Studios


The Project Studios in the Collaborative Commons are enclosed spaces of different sizes accommodating up to between 6-8 students for focused group work without distraction.


English onlyの気軽なコミュニケーションエリア。ゲームなども。iLounge コーディネーター、CEC講師とSAがいつでも英会話パートナーになります。オープン時間(10:30~18:30)以外はパーティをしたり、ソファで勉強したり、くつろぐこともできます。

The iLounge is the heart of the iFloor! It is an open space for practicing speaking in English through social interaction together with CEC teachers, faculty, student staff, international students, and others. English language games and international news in English are provided. All are welcome!

Media Zone


Equipped with desktop computers, printers, and space and connectivity for other personal devices, the Media Zone offers students a place to access the library and other online resources all day.

Writing Center


By appointment, any user can consult with tutors one on one about any English text-based project, including papers, posters, and slideware presentations.


名前 職名 学部
ストラック,アンドリュー N. 准教授・センター長 外国語学部
ヴルガリス, ゲラシモス 講師 外国語学部
グリマルディ, アレサンドロ 講師 外国語学部
サンブー, ジャヤ 講師 外国語学部
ジョンストン,シェイマス 講師 外国語学部
スニース, ロビン 講師 外国語学部
バーカー, ブラッドリー 講師 外国語学部
べロブロヴィ, アンナ 講師 外国語学部
マクリーシュ, デイビッド 講師 外国語学部
ミッチェル, コリン 講師 外国語学部
ン レイ ション 講師 外国語学部